Sign a memorandum with Korea Information Systems Audit Association

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■Authorized System for
  Certifying Auditors
■Certified Qualifications
  and Procedures
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■Education and Trainings
■System Audit
  Familiarization Service
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  Information Exchange
■Sign a memorandum with
  Korea Information
  Systems Audit
■Head Office
 This association (SAAJ) and Korea Information Systems Audit Association (KISAA) discussed it from last October try cooperate by exchange of information, interchange of a person by a proposal of KISAA, and contents of a memorandum were approved at an officer's meeting of both associations and carried out the signing ceremony in Seoul on March 23.   ⇒ MOU(full text)
 A Suzuki president, Director Numano, Director Sakurai participated in the signing ceremony from SAAJ, and a Lee honor president, a Choi president participated from KISAA, and the approximately 10 officers else participated.
 KISAA is citizen's member 254, Audit Firm12 in a corporate judicial person of 1986 establishment, and it is an influential group in Korea.
 In Korea, information system audit is carried out in the case of enforcement of a public works project, and Basic Law for IT architecture is enforced in this July. These are movement to be useful for Japan, and we will push forward intelligence more in future.
 From KISAA, there was percussion to want to "let auditor from Korea participate in an enforcement team of Japanese system audit".
 We will examine concrete activity content in future. For example, I hold seminars such as "the present situation of Korea information system audit", and, as for inviting it, it is thought with a lecturer from KISAA.
 On the signing ceremony day, we presented " an information system audit practice manual" (the second edition) and " information system audit information security audit handbook". We carried out a certain "exchange such as books" in a memorandum.
Sign a memorandum with Korea Information Systems Audit Association on 23rd March, 2006