Memorandum of Understanding
 for Cooperative Relationship
Korea Information Systems Audit Association (KISAA),
an incorporated association
Systems Auditors Association of Japan (SAAJ),
a specified non-profit organization

Korea Information Systems Audit Association, an incorpo- rated association, and Systems Auditors Association of Japan, a specified non-profit organization (here-in-after called "the parties" or "each party") agree to the following to seek collaboration with faith and sincerity and to pro- mote cooperative business and information exchange.

I. Purpose
The purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding (here- in-after called "MOU")is to set up a cooperative relation- ship to promote cooperative business and information exchange between the parties.

II. Areas of Information Exchange and Cooperation
Information exchange and cooperative business under this MOU will include the following:
1. To exchange information on skills and methodologies for information systems audit.

2. To exchange books, documents and references relating to information systems audit.

3. To exchange information systems auditors to carry out joint projects relating to information systems audit.

4. To exchange relevant specialists in such events as presentation, symposium, workshop, lecture meeting, etc. relating to information systems audit.

5. To explore other possible areas to exchange.

III. Protection of Confidentiality
Information exchanged between the parties on any cooperative business may be disclosed to any third party. However, particular matters for which any of the parties requests confidentiality shall be kept confi- dential strictly with a prior consent from the other party.

IV. Settlement of Disputes
Any dispute over interpretation and application of any part of this MOU shall be amicably settled between the parties.

V. Communication
Communications shall be made by and between their respective secretariats.

VI. Others
Any matters not stipulated in this MOU shall be made firm through further discussion and mutual agreement between the parties.

VII. Effectiveness, amendment and termination
Effectiveness, amendment and termination of this MOU shall be defined as follows:

1. This MOU shall be effective as from the date of signature by both the parties.

2. This MOU shall be in full force for a period of two years beginning the effective day. When it is deemed necessary to cause any change in this MOU during the validity, amendment may be made through mutual agreement.

3. This MOU shall be automatically renewed for another term of two years unless either of the parties gives to the other party termination notice three months or more before the end of the current term.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, both the parties hereof have caused this MOU to be duly executed by their duly author- ized officers below.

This MOU is made into two English originals in Seoul in this 23 day of March,2006

March 23 , 2006

Systems Auditors Association
of Japan

Address: Kyodou Building 65
    2-8-8 Kayaba-cho
    Nihonbashi, Chuo-
    ku, Tokyo

Main line: 81-3-3666-6341

Nobuo Suzuki
Chief : President
Korea Information Systems
Audit Association

Address: Hanra Classic
     Officetel, 824-11
     Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Main line: 82-2-558-9140

Chief : President