Organization History

■Summary of Activities
■Organization History
■Authorized System for
  Certifying Auditors
■Certified Qualifications
  and Procedures
■Continuous Education
■Education and Trainings
■System Audit
  Familiarization Service
■Researches and
  Information Exchange
■Sign a memorandum with
  Korea Information
  Systems Audit
■Head Office
SAAJ is established in December 1987.
It acts as a voluntary organization that mainly consists of systems audit technicians who passed examinations and systems audit registered companies.
It becomes a certification issuing organization in June 1999 when Information Human Resource Committee, Industrial Structure Council, which was organized in Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, announces a policy to establish Systems Auditor Certification System and its continuous education system.
It is reorganized as a non-profit organization in February 2002.
It has 1008 personal members and 33 cooperate members as of 15 July 2005.