Researches and Information Exchange

■Summary of Activities
■Organization History
■Authorized System for
  Certifying Auditors
■Certified Qualifications
  and Procedures
■Continuous Education
■Education and Trainings
■System Audit
  Familiarization Service
■Researches and
  Information Exchange
■Sign a memorandum with
  Korea Information
  Systems Audit
■Head Office
1) Activities of study meetings and section meetings
(1) Monthly Study Meeting
 Special lecturers explain and discuss up-to-date themes regarding systems audit.

(2) Systems Audit Case Study Meeting
 It provides audit familiarization services and practical seminars to advertise systems audit and to improve systems audit skills of auditors.

(3) Information Security Audit Study Meeting
 We can study information security in this meeting.

(4) Systems Audit Standard Study Meeting
 We can learn the standard for systems audit in this meeting.

(5) Corporate Meeting
 This meeting is for corporate members. The purpose is to establish the system audit industry as professional service.

2) Issuing Association Reports
 To make reports about activities of SAAJ, each branch and the results, SAAJ issues proceedings 6 times per year.

3) Utilizing Homepage and Mailing List
 SAAJ has a homepage to issue information to outside of the association. It also utilizes mailing lists as a place of information exchange among members.

4) Activities of Study Groups at Each Branch
 Each branch decides activities'themes and timings.

5) Leasing Materials
 SAAJ lends out materials, books and videos about systems audit and information system to its members.

6) Publication Activity
 Some members cooperate each other to publish their books under the name of SAAJ.
● Information System Audit Practical Manual
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